Whether you are a first time leader, or one with many years of experience, The Barton Performance Group recognizes and delivers programs that are meaningful, evidence-based in applications, and loaded with just-in-time tools. We offer a blend of programs to allow each organization or individual the opportunity to customize their experience. Some of the programs include: Foundations of Leadership, Coaching Employees, Developing Communication for Impact (Written and Verbal), Giving Performance Evaluations and Feedback, Managing and Resolving Conflict, and Decision-making. 

We would appreciate an opportunity to discuss your strategies and how our solutions and staff can best support your needs.

Our Approach

Fostering a learning culture and treating learning as an investment is our mindset in all that we do. We are looking for organizations who share the same philosophy and are open to exploring a customized process to anchor development as a process to building organizational capacity. What does that mean? It means that before any programs are delivered leaders understand they why these programs, and how they are expected to apply what they are learning on the job. 

The foundation to our success is through engaging leadership in supporting other leaders in the development process. This is accomplished through structured communications and tools that plan, reflect, and reinforce key behaviors and position the knowledge as a competitive source for retention and growth of leaders in the organization.


  • Coaching and mentoring: These are needed for building skills and getting feedback. Providing virtual mirror, and proven tools needed for leaders to manage their reputation and overall impact.
  • Live practice: Customized role-plays with feedback allow participants to practice in a safe environment.
  • Follow-up reinforcement on the job: Include action plans/assignments, projects, observing other managers and to foster communities of practice.
  • Peer support networks: Each program or series establishes a to learn from other managers.
  • Blended: Our primary delivery method is face-to-face instructor-led training with self-paced, virtual, and experiential exercises/mentoring. We are here to meet your needs.