Customized attention for world class performance and proven results.

We approach every coaching assignment with a focus on current behaviors through interviews, validated assessments, and input from key stakeholders. The next step is to partner with the individual and their leaders to establish an individual development plan with resources and support that will provide specific and measurable outcomes. 

Team Coaching

Key features of our Team Coaching Engagements include:

  • Custom assessment package to determine the team’s readiness, strengths and development needs.
  • A combination of face-to-face, telephone and video conferencing, as well as direct observation and feedback sessions.
  • Motivational, consultative and educational process interventions designed to enhance team awareness and effectiveness.

BPG Coaches

Core Attributes, Skills and Competencies include:

  • An advanced degree in business or behavioral science
  • Strong business acumen and interpersonal skills
  • More than 5 years of coaching experience
  • Executive credibility and authenticity
  • Real-world work experience in either leadership or key industry expertise
  • Multilingual and multicultural abilities
  • A high regard for confidentiality and ethics