Continuous Improvement

Sometimes the biggest challenge in improving business process efficiency isn’t brainstorming initiatives, but embedding changes into culture and sustaining momentum over the long term.

Given the focus on productivity and continuous improvement transformation, it isn’t surprising top manufacturers of all sizes are implementing Lean and Six Sigma programs and A3 thinking in their organizations. Barton Performance Group is staffed with Lean and Six Sigma experts to help companies stay ahead of the competition by providing fostering cultures of continuous improvement.

How We Help

Our Lean and Six Sigma consultants provide businesses with the right tool and techniques to embed effective changes as part of their Lean and Six Sigma continuous improvement journeys. We don’t promote a single approach to productivity improvement. Instead we carefully study your particular challenges and opportunities and apply the solutions that meet your specific needs. The trainers or consultants you work with will be chosen on the basis that their experience best matches your individual requirements.


Process Consultation:

Our certified experts are ready to discuss your organizational challenges and provide solutions that meet your needs and drive efficiencies and effectiveness. 


We use contemporary and relevant training techniques based around a ‘teach and do’ philosophy. This ensures an immediate positive impact on your business, as well as making sure that as much knowledge as possible is understood and retained.

We’ll provide Lean and Six Sigma training at any location and at the best time to suit your working or shift patterns. These include:

  • introductions to Lean 
  • advanced Lean tool use
  • Lean Champion/Facilitator training
  • Yellow, Green and Black Belt Six Sigma training